Uses of the Mi Powerbank 3i

Mi Powerbank 3i is a digital charger that gives you fast charging and display of the battery level and the charge remaining. The great thing about this charger is that it has a display which shows you how much power is left in your battery. You can easily learn what the capacity of your battery is and can also fix the level yourself without using an expert. It also has an intelligent display which helps you to perform a battery check up, so that you can know how much power is left in it, before you plug in the device to your computer.

This charger has been designed to give you maximum performance from your cell phone. This charger has a high performance micro usb connector. It connects via micro USB to your cell phone. So, it enables you to charge the battery at high speed. In order to make sure that you get maximum performance, it uses the best of technology such as:

This is a charging system which has smart power management power bank. It enables fast charging and also give you a long lasting charge. This battery has a quick charge feature and gives you more than eighty percent charge in less than five hours. The battery has a fast charge feature and this ensures that you get charged faster than normal and hence you do not face any problem regarding the slow working of the battery.

The charging system of the Mi Powerbank 3i comes with a key fob, which can be used as a control panel for the battery. This is a unique feature of this power bank and it allows you to control its functions. You can set the features of the device with the help of the key fob and you can also keep a track of the battery’s life through the monitor which comes with it. The battery can be recharged in an optimal rate if it is kept under pressure.

This device can be attached to your laptop, mobile phone or any other device. It can be charged using the USB power bank cable. The Mi Powerbank can be conveniently charged at any place and you do not have to worry about its performance while you are on move. It also has a high speed, which charges the device very fast. You do not have to wait for a long time while the battery is getting charged and instead can get the desired amount of charge within a short span of time. The power bank’s high speed charge enables you to use your device quickly and you can keep up with your work conveniently.

You can also use this device to record videos, pictures and documents. It has a high data transfer rate and it makes it possible to transfer large amount of data with ease. This device also has a media player facility. You can easily load files and music on the device. This device also helps you browse the internet quickly and easily and you can listen to your favorite music without any difficulty.

You can use the Mi Powerbank as a high power radio. You can listen to your favorite radio station and can keep in touch with others in your family, friends and colleagues. This device can also double up as a power bank. You can store enough power banks and can easily charge them whenever required. It can be easily carried from place to place and can be used at all times.

The Mi Powerbank can easily charge the devices like mobile phones, mp3 players and digital cameras. It is a very useful tool for all the persons who need an extra boost to run their device smoothly. This device can be bought via several online and offline stores at affordable prices. You can even compare various deals and can buy the one that suits your budget perfectly. You can even send it as a gift to your friend or loved one.

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