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Hello Learners, Today we are going to share LinkedIn AWS Lambda Skill Assessment Answers. So, if you are a LinkedIn user, then you must give Skill Assessment Test. This Assessment Skill Test in LinkedIn is totally free and after completion of Assessment, you‚Äôll earn a verified LinkedIn Skill Badgeūü•á that will display on your profile and will help you in getting hired by recruiters.

Who can give this Skill Assessment Test?

Any LinkedIn User-

  • Wants to increase chances for getting hire,
  • Wants to Earn LinkedIn Skill Badgeūü•áūü•á,
  • Wants to rank their LinkedIn Profile,
  • Wants to improve their Programming Skills,
  • Anyone interested in improving their whiteboard coding skill,
  • Anyone who wants to become a Software Engineer, SDE, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer etc.,
  • Any students who want to start a career in Data Science,
  • Students who have at least high school knowledge in math and who want to start learning data structures,
  • Any self-taught programmer who missed out on a computer science degree.

Here, you will find AWS Lambda Quiz Answers in Bold Color which are given below. These answers are updated recently and are 100% correct✅ answers of LinkedIn AWS Lambda Skill Assessment.

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LinkedIn AWS Lambda Skill Assessment Answers
  1. How can you increase the CPU resources for your Lambda?
    • ¬†Increase the configured CPU value
    • ¬†Increase the configured timeout value
    • ¬†Increase the configured memory value
    • ¬†Increase the configured concurrency value

  1. How can additional code or content be provided for your Lambda?
    • ¬†blocks
    • ¬†layers
    • ¬†aliases
    • ¬†handlers

  1. How can Step Functions call Lambdas?
    • ¬†in sequence
    • ¬†both of these answers
    • ¬†neither of these answers
    • ¬†in parallel

  1. Which AWS CLI command invokes a function?
    • ¬†aws lambda invoke ‚Äďfunction ReturnBucketName outputfile.txt
    • ¬†aws lambda execute ‚Äďfunction-name ReturnBucketName outputfile.txt
    • ¬†aws lambda invoke ‚Äďfunction-name ReturnBucketName outputfile.txt
    • ¬†aws lambda execute ‚Äďfunction ReturnBucketName outputfile.txt

  1. What adds tracing capabilities to a Lambda?
    • ¬†AWS Trace
    • ¬†CloudStack
    • ¬†CloudTrail
    • ¬†AWS X-Ray

  1. You need to build a continuous integration/deployment pipeline for a set of Lambdas. What should you do?
    • ¬†Create configuration files and deploy them using AWS CodePipeline.
    • ¬†Create CloudFormation templates and deploy them using AWS CodeBuild
    • ¬†Create configuration file and deploy using AWS CodeBuild
    • ¬†Create CloudFormation templates and deploy them using AWS CodePipeline.

  1. What can you use to monitor function invocations?
    • ¬†API Gateway
    • ¬†S3
    • ¬†SAS
    • ¬†CLoudTrail

  1. It is AWS best practice to enable Lambda logging by which of these methods.
    • ¬†Use S3 metrics and CloudWatch alarms
    • ¬†Create custom metrics within your Lambda code.
    • ¬†Create custom metrics within your CloudWatch code.
    • ¬†Use Lambda metrics and CloudWatch alarms.

  1. What may be provided for environment variables?
    • ¬†an SSL certificate
    • ¬†a bitmask
    • ¬†an AWS KMS key
    • ¬†an HTTP protocol

  1. Lambdas allow for running of what other things?
    • ¬†binaries.
    • ¬†all of these answers
    • ¬†executables
    • ¬†Shell scripts

  1. In what style must you write Lambda code?
    • ¬†MVC
    • ¬†virtual
    • ¬†stateless
    • ¬†protocol

  1. How can a developer provide Lambda code?
    • ¬†by uploading a .zip file
    • ¬†all of these answers
    • ¬†by editing inline
    • ¬†from an S3 bucket

  1. You are performance-testing your Lambda to verify that you set the memory size adequately. Where do you verify the execution overhead?
    • ¬†CLoudWatch logs
    • ¬†DynamoDB logs
    • ¬†S3 logs
    • ¬†Lambda logs.

  1. What facilitates continuous delivery of Lambdas?
    • ¬†CodeStack
    • ¬†ElasticStack
    • ¬†Mobile Hub
    • ¬†CodeDeploy

  1. How are computing resources allocated to Lambdas?
    • ¬†proportionally
    • ¬†equally
    • ¬†periodically
    • ¬†daily

  1. You can restrict the scope of a user’s permissions by specifying which two items in an IAM policy?
    • ¬†resources and users
    • ¬†resources and conditions
    • ¬†events and users
    • ¬†events and conditions

  1. What does Lambda logging include?
    • ¬†logging streams
    • ¬†rotating streams
    • ¬†logging events
    • ¬†advancing log groups

  1. What can AWS Amplify NOT do for a Lambda?
    • ¬†create a Lambda
    • ¬†be an event source
    • ¬†assign an IAM role
    • ¬†delete a Lambda

  1. How do you author a Lambda in a programming language that AWS does not support?
    • ¬†Create a Lambda function with a custom runtime and reference the function in your Lambda
    • ¬†Create a Lambda layer with a custom runtime and reference the layer in your lambda
    • ¬†You cannot use Lambda in this situation
    • ¬†Create a Lambda function with a custom runtime

  1. What are listed downstream resources based on?
    • ¬†the execution policy
    • ¬†the Lambda configuration
    • ¬†the Lambda nodes
    • ¬†the IAM user


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Is this Skill Assessment Test is free?

Yes AWS Lambda Assessment Quiz is totally free on LinkedIn for you. The only thing is needed i.e. your dedication towards learning.

When I will get Skill Badge?

Yes, if will Pass the Skill Assessment Test, then you will earn a skill badge that will reflect in your LinkedIn profile. For passing in LinkedIn Skill Assessment, you must score 70% or higher, then only you will get you skill badge.

How to participate in skill quiz assessment?

It‚Äôs good practice to update and tweak your LinkedIn profile every few months. After all, life is dynamic and (I hope) you‚Äôre always learning new skills. You will notice a button under the Skills & Endorsements tab within your LinkedIn Profile: ‚ÄėTake skill quiz.‚Äė Upon clicking, you will choose your desire skill test quiz and complete your assessment.

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